Bridal Jewellery

A blessing for your daughter, or a gift to welcome a daughter-in-law into your family.


The engagement ring–a symbol of the commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife.

Wedding Bands

A token of a couple’s love and commitment to each other. It serves as a reminder of the promise you make to your other half. It is the last present a couple will give one another before their wedding.


A love for all things sparkly, fine quality and exquisitely designed jewellery brought two friends, Anita & Jannis, together to start Impressions Jewellery.
We chose the name Impressions as we wanted our pieces to reflect our core values of Quality, Relationships and Beauty, and make lasting Impressions on those who lay eyes on them. Since we started in 1983, we have been creating luxury, timeless and classic pieces that can last for generations.

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